Shia is a Raalgon captain who often partners up with Dom. 
Shia Has
Species: Raalgon
Gender: Female
Rank: Raalgon Captain
Age: 21
Japanese Voice Actor: Yuko Mita
English Voice Actor: Veronica Taylor


Shia is unwaveringly loyal to the Raalgon Empire. At first she underestimates Captain Tylor, but after being tricked by him, she starts to take him more seriously than most others. She can be rather narrow-minded at times and is very determined during missions. As shown in the OVA she is also very aware of her sexy appearance and uses her charm to her advantage. 

She has a strong comradeship with Dom and will follow his every order. Even when she questions it she will still follow through. She doesn't seem to quite understand his friendship with Tylor.