Dom is a captain of one of the Raalgon fleets and a friend of Azalyn.
Ru Baraba Dom
Species: Raalgon
Gender: Male
Rank: Raalgon Captain
Age: 23
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshihiko Seki
English Voice Actor: Josh Mosby


Unlike the rest of the empress' court, Dom is completely loyal and truthful to Azalyn. He also speaks frankly with her and does not bow to her every whim. He is rather protective of her and will become enraged if anything harms her.

Captain Tylor is the only one who can make Dom, a typically calm and confident person, become cautious. No matter how much information he recieves about him Dom has no idea whether to think of him as a lucky fool or a secret mastermind. He considers Tylor to be his greatest adversary whom he respects. He is also grateful to Tylor for making Azalyn happy.