Andressen is the co-leader of the Marines aboard the Soyokaze. 
Karl Byorn Andressen
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Rank: -First Lieutenant

-Co-leader of the Marines

Age: 28
Japanese Voice Actor: Hiroyuki Shibamoto
English Voice Actor: Joe Dopico


Whenever new rules are forced upon them, Andressen is the first to rebel. He prefers to do things his own way. His biggest downfall is his cocky attitude, which has led him to make mistakes. He usually settles things with violence and is confident in his strength. Unlike the other Marines he does not use an exoskeleton to fight, instead usually using raw strength or a gun. 

He and Cryburn seem to trust in each other's abilities and judgment. They are usually seen together and back each other up in a fight—unless they're fighting each other. 

Andressen, along with the rest of the Marines, constantly bickers and fights with Kojiro. 

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