A Gentleman's Word is His Bond
(紳士協定 がまんがまん, Shinshi kyōtei ga manga man)

Episode Data
Previous The Tail of the Lizard's Tail
Episode The Irresponsible Captain Tylor: #7
Next Life is Short, So Girls Should Kill
Japanese March 8, 1993
A Gentleman's Word is His Bond (紳士協定 がまんがまん Shinshi kyōtei ga manga man?)

 is the seventh episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It first aired on March 8, 1993 in Japan.


Yuriko Star is annoyed by the attitude of the men on the ship. She goes down to speak with the Marines and makes a deal with them: if she wins an arm wrestling contest with Andressen they have to act like gentlemen for the next 24 hours. She succeeds and the men reluctantly go through with the task of cleaning up the ship. Later on a Raalgon fleet appears. The 24 hours is up just in time for them to defeat the ship.[1]


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